Francesca Salis, Stefanija Ališauskiene, Daiva Kairiene, Rita Meliene, Lina Milteniene, Veronica Punzo, Annamaria Riccioni

Diversity and inclusion. Shared meanings between Italy and Lithuania. International comparative analysis of inclusive trajectories in eduvational policies and practices


Fascicolo: 2 / 2022

The meaning of inclusion is complex and related to every form of diversity; it needs to be defined in broad horizons, within and beyond the school context, with the aim of overcoming all forms of exclusion and discrimination. The concept of inclusive education concerns proper and appropriately agreed terminology and meanings expressed in the 2006 UN Convention ratifying the need of recognizing the same rights for all individuals, as human beings, beyond stigma and categorising labels. In this article we examine the Italian and Lithuanian inclusive systems, within the paradigm of social constructivism and the contribution of both national and international scientific literature referring to bio-psycho-social pedagogical meanings. In order to reveal the developments towards inclusive education in two countries contexts, the methodology of this article is based on the relevant literature, document and research reports review.

Roberto Laschi, Anna Riccioni

Calcolatori & formazione.

I primi cinquant'anni

I personaggi, le idee e le realizzazioni che hanno contribuito all’avvento del calcolatore nella didattica. Il volume ricostruisce i primi cinquant’anni di quest’esperienza, dagli anni ’60, in cui i calcolatori in time-sharing venivano impiegati per realizzare sistemi di formazione assistita, ad oggi, in cui l’avvento di Internet e lo sviluppo del World Wide Web hanno evidenziato l’importanza di mettere a disposizione di tutti strumenti per la costruzione e la condivisione della conoscenza.

cod. 1408.2.20