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Piero De Giacomo, Francesco Margari, Marco Storelli, Alexandros Cheimarios, Andrea De Giacomo, Rita Masellis

Un metodo di "counseling online" basato sul Modello Pragmatico Elementare


Fascicolo: 2 / 2006

The process of counseling online based upon the Elementary Pragmatic Model consists of choosing compass sentences with a strong psychological impact which users must elaborate freely or under guidance, and offers them the chance to interact with the therapist through a forum. Users answer to the test how you see yourself and to a grid about impact every sentences has on them. At the end of the process of ten sessions, each user is makes an evaluation of the practicability and usefulness of the proposed method. The data obtained in a population of 139 subjects have demonstrated the validity of this method.

Piero De Giacomo

Mente e creatività

Il Modello Pragmatico Elementare quale strumento per sviluppare la creatività in campo medico, psicologico, manageriale, artistico e di ricerca

cod. 1240.119

Melita Cavallo

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L'esperienza punitiva in famiglia, a scuola, in istituto, in tribunale, in carcere: profili giuridici e psicologici

cod. 98.2