Sara Petroccia

Risk communication in calamity society


Fascicolo: 1 / 2023

The aim of this study is to offer a sociological communication’s reflection in calamity society, divided into two closely integrated and mutually consequential parts. The first part will consid-er why a sociological approach to cyclical disasters is appropriate, and the possible application of this approach will then be outlined, leading us to the second section of this work. The sec-ond part of the essay dwells on issues concerning risk communication, considering that communicative processes play a priority role in the selection of risks, through a slow process of social construction that begins with what Beck calls the staging of risk through a metamorphic process. In this context, a decisive role is played by communication, intended here as a phenomenon affecting the risk management process.

Sara Petroccia

Partecipazione e cittadinanza

Dalle migrazioni internazionali alla digitalizzazione

Attraverso i fenomeni delle migrazioni internazionali e della digitalizzazione, il volume propone una rilettura dell’idea di cittadinanza, dalla sua evoluzione animata dai processi culturali fino alla necessità di proporne una interpretazione comunicativa e interpretativa in grado di rappresentare i cittadini in un mondo globale e cosmopolitico.

cod. 1043.116

Sara Petroccia, Vera Kopsaj

Encounter between Cultures and Identities

Cross-cultural communication in the migration process

This book addresses several migration issues. It provides a theoretical and empirical framework, analyzing concepts such as transit migration, migratory networks, social capital. It also proposes a radical change in the interpretation of migration processes by opening a new perspective on the management of socio-cultural dynamics in the context of globalization.

cod. 1043.115