Ernesto Antonini, Jacopo Gaspari

Architectures for Next Generation EU Cities

Challenges, Key Drivers, and Research Trends

Cities are facing unprecedented challenges driven by different forces. On the one hand the ever-increasing effects of climate change are impacting on the urban microclimate and environmental balance, on the other one social, political and economic issues are influencing the living conditions, the accessibility to primary services and resources, as well as growth opportunities for the younger generations. The book provides therefore insights, experiences, approaches to deal with current and especially with future transition processes which are expected to shape the cities of tomorrow.

cod. 11330.3

Saveria Boulanger

Smarter and Greener

A Technological Path for Urban Complexity

Under the pressure of issues related to climate change, new migrations, digital technologies and urban systems congested by traffic, where poverty returns to be strongly present both visibly and silently, the theme of the city and its future returns to be extremely actual, triggering various responses, involving different aspects of urban architecture and actors. This book aims to investigate these aspects, by analysing the results of some of the most used practices in the last twenty years and deepening the questions to which the contemporary city needs to give an answer.

cod. 1330.114