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Lo sguardo totale. L'ottica della visione del mondo
Autori/Curatori: Herbert Schnadelbach 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2000 Fascicolo: 8  Lingua: Italiano 
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Lo sguardo totale. L'ottica della visione del mondo (di Herbert Schnädelbach) - Vision is our most important connection to the world. There is an accordance between this fact and the importance of the metaphors about the sense of sight for the traditional philosophical terminology with respect to cognition. During the 19th century the large variety of optical concepts such as ‘theory’, ‘evidence’ ‘intuition’, ‘enlightenment’ etc. was completed by the notion of ‘Weltanschauung’ which means a conception of the world as a whole from a certain point of view in relation to individuals as well as to a collectivity. These ‘Weltanschauungen’ as private metaphysical systems demonstrate the decay of Metaphysics which took place in general after Idealism, followed by the problems of Perspectivism and Relativism. In the meantime even the ‘Weltanschauungen’ fell into ruin; this is indicated by the term itself which came to be obsolete. It seems no longer possible for us to delineate a ‘picture’ of the world as a whole. Herbert=Schnä

Herbert Schnadelbach, in "SOCIETÀ DEGLI INDIVIDUI (LA)" 8/2000, pp. , DOI:


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