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Politica di coesione europea: finanziamento, orientamento e governance. Il dibattito politico sulle riforme
Titolo Rivista: ARGOMENTI 
Autori/Curatori: Gianluca Spinaci 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2006 Fascicolo: 17  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  24 Dimensione file:  359 KB

Institutions at European, national and regional level are just re-emerging from an intense debate, which aimed to find a consistent synthesis on the re-launched Lisbon strategy, the setting of the new multi-annual EU budget 2007-2013 and the approval of the regulatory framework for the next cohesion policy programmes. In this context regional and local stakeholders have advocated some fundamental political arguments. Firstly, Europe needs reforms but these should not go to the detriment of territorial cohesion and participation. The renewed EU strategy for growth and jobs must be deeply rooted in the development and innovation processes across all the Union’s territories. Secondly, a strategically oriented and properly funded EU cohesion policy can build concrete measures for growth and jobs based on long-term inter-institutional partnerships. Undoubtedly reform of EU budget is necessary in order to support economic and social reforms. This article strives to argue that, however, this cannot be realized by opposing competitiveness to cohesion and under continuous tension between contributors and beneficiaries. European Union needs more cooperation and better multi-level governance for its economic and social reforms. A strategically oriented and well-participated EU cohesion policy can play more than a symbolic role in that respect.

Gianluca Spinaci, in "ARGOMENTI" 17/2006, pp. , DOI:


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