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Il ruolo del settore agroalimentare polacco nel mercato dell’Unione Europea
Autori/Curatori: Mira Kobuszynska 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2007 Fascicolo: 3  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  10 P. 83-92 Dimensione file:  184 KB

The Place of Polish Agri-food Sector on the European Union Market (by Mira Kobuszynska) - The paper focuses on the Polish foreign trade in agri-food products. This trade according to the Author’s opinion is one of the most important factors inluencing the dynamic of developement of Polish agricultural and food sector. The first part of the article presents its general characteristic. There are analysed the recent tendency and trends as well as the factors of weekness of the links of Polish foreign trade in agri-food products with the world market. Furthermore, the level and structure of Polish agri-food export are presented. In particular, the paper takes into account the value of Polish foreign trade in agri-food products, the commodity structure of Polish agri-food export and the most important markets for Polish export. There are also showed the detaliled data about the export of the selected goods. The next part of the article describes the gradual process of the liberalization of trade conditions between Poland and the European Union before the accession as well as the main changes after the accession to the European Union. There are reviewed the benefits resulted from the accession which are: the opening of the 420 ml consumers market, the abolishment of import quotas and export subsides, the Polish exporters participation in the European Union subsidy system, the better protection against the third countries import. At least the changes on the selected markets are presented.

Mira Kobuszynska, in "AGRICOLTURA ISTITUZIONI MERCATI " 3/2007, pp. 83-92, DOI:


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