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L’integrazione socio-sanitaria e il ruolo delle ICT in Inghilterra: il programma Connecting for Health
Titolo Rivista: SALUTE E SOCIETÀ 
Autori/Curatori: Mike Martins 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2007 Fascicolo: 2 Supp  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  11 P. 159-169 Dimensione file:  295 KB

The programme called Connecting for Health in the UK is a public sector IT procurements. In the article the author describes it, focusing on the concept of a shared record and trying to explain that it is not a simple issue of data aggregation and integration in the delivery of complex multi-agency care. As the author substains, with such an approach, there is the risk of delivering information overload on the one hand or provoking resistance, abuse and misuse on the other on the grounds of confidentiality and proportionality on the other. At the contrary, shared record should not be considered as a shared information artefact but as the outcome of a service-oriented infrastructure which is able to differentiate contents across the spectrum of general and shared responsibilities and specific and specialised responsibilities.

Mike Martins, in "SALUTE E SOCIETÀ" 2 Supp/2007, pp. 159-169, DOI:


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