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Micro-agricoltura e sistemi lineari
Titolo Rivista: TERRITORIO 
Autori/Curatori: Alessandra Giannini, Andrea Oldani 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2012 Fascicolo: 61 Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  15 P. 122-136 Dimensione file:  8763 KB

With the term micro-agriculture, we mean agriculture on a small scale (as opposed to intensive agriculture and monoculture). If horticulture is the collection of agricultural and agronomic practices aimed at the production of vegetables, urban gardening being one aspect of this, then micro-agriculture is the collection of ‘small scale’ agricultural practices, including horticulture (as in the case of urban vegetable gardens), fruit-growing or flower-growing. Micro-agriculture is a landscape: the collection of garden plots, and natural and artificial materials used define a unified yet diversified whole, different from the traditional agricultural landscape in its reduced scale, biological richness, the variety of materials used and the heterogeneous landscape created. Land use practices generated spontaneously can lead to projects for landscaping and reorganizing marginal areas, and the definition of a new linear landscape.

Keywords: Micro-agriculture; landscape; open space

Alessandra Giannini, Andrea Oldani, in "TERRITORIO" 61/2012, pp. 122-136, DOI:


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