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Il Cinodromo Meridiana a Barcellona: 1961-2010
Titolo Rivista: TERRITORIO 
Autori/Curatori: Roig Xavier Monteys, Gianluca Burgio 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2012 Fascicolo: 62  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  7 P. 116-122 Dimensione file:  473 KB
DOI:  10.3280/TR2012-062021
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The Meridiana greyhound track is one of the most original works of architecture of the ‘second’ Spanish modern period. Its particular nature lies in the form of the roof and the structural conception which resolves the spatial idea of the building. The way the steel beams fan out, the variation in the slope of the lower wings and the curve of the façade onto the street generate a spectacular play of perspectives. The view towards the track is in fact the result of an optical effect produced by the cross panels of the brise-soleil, which appear, when seen, as if drawn on a plane surface. The objective of the ‘repair’ work was to restore the spatial significance to the building which it had originally, posing the problem of converting the terraces into a large open balcony over the public space of the old track and its new use as an art centre.

Keywords: Structural conception, change of use, repair

Roig Xavier Monteys, Gianluca Burgio, in "TERRITORIO" 62/2012, pp. 116-122, DOI:10.3280/TR2012-062021


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