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Monarchia in scena e discorsi nazionalisti nella Spagna del Rigenerazionismo (1902-1913)
Titolo Rivista: MEMORIA E RICERCA  
Autori/Curatori: Javier Moreno Luzòn 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2013 Fascicolo: 42 Monarchia, nazione e nazionalismo in Europa (1830-1914) Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  17 P. 87-105 Dimensione file:  135 KB
DOI:  10.3280/MER2013-042007
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This article studies the links between monarchy and Spanish nationalism in the first decade of Alfonso XIII’s reign (1902-1913). It focuses on three different aspects: the great monarchical ceremonies, specially the royal oath to the Constitution "or coronation"; the royal trips, extraordinarily developed; and the military ceremonies containing a strong nationalist meaning as the annual swearing of loyalty to the national flag by new soldiers. Through those performances, the crown was integrated in a national imaginary dominated by discourses and practices of regeneration of the fatherland in the aftermath of the colonial disaster of 1898: in such a regeneration, the king was thought as a necessary force. At a lower level of pomp and splendor than other european monarchies, the Spanish king was perceived as a national symbol by different groups. Among them, local elites, various associations and the heterogeneus public of the royal spectacles, shown by the mass media. Those performances reinforced the political role of a king that enjoyed constitutional executive powers.

Keywords: Spain, monarchy, nationalism, dynastic ceremonies, royal tours, army

Javier Moreno Luzòn, in "MEMORIA E RICERCA " 42/2013, pp. 87-105, DOI:10.3280/MER2013-042007


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