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Interview of Jacques de Larosière: In search of a better world financial order
Autori/Curatori: Ivo Maes, Sabine Péters 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2021 Fascicolo: 2  Lingua: Inglese 
Numero pagine:  42 P. 91-132 Dimensione file:  154 KB
DOI:  10.3280/SPE2021-002005
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Jacques de Larosière (born 1929) played for more than half a century an influential role on the international monetary scene. He was Director of the French Treasury, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Governor of the Banque de France and President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). In 2008, at the age of 79 years, he chaired the so-called De Larosière Committee which provided the blueprint for a fundamental reform of financial supervision in the European Union. Highlights of his career were the management of the Mexican debt crisis in the 1980s and his role in the process of economic and monetary integration in Europe, especially as a member of the Delors Committee. In his analyses he focuses on the "financialization" of our econ-omies and the ensuing problems with debt and asset price bubbles, for which the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system was an important cause. As part of a research program on collecting memories, this paper publishes the results of several interviews and discussions with him.

Keywords: Jacques de Larosière, IMF, Mexican debt crisis, Economic and Monetary Union, Delors report, financialization
Jel Code: A11, B22, E60, F50, N74

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Ivo Maes, Sabine Péters, in "HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT AND POLICY" 2/2021, pp. 91-132, DOI:10.3280/SPE2021-002005


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