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Issue 80/1996 

S. Benati, Submodularity in competitive location problems
J. Blazewicz, M. Kasprzak, M. Sterna, J. Weglarz, Selected combinatorial optimization problem arising in molecular biology
M. Conforti, G. Cornuéjols, A. Kapoor, K. VuŠkovic, Perfect, Ideal and Balanced Matrices

Issue 79/1996 

R. Islam, M.P. Biswal, S.S. Alam, Deriving weights from pairwise comparison matrices by goal programming
T. Marchant, PROMETHEE and GAIA in a multi-decision maker environment
B. Viscolani, A. Buratto, Advertising for the launch of a Product with Random Success

Issue 78/1996 

S. Nicoletti, F. Nicolò, A Concurrent Engineering Decision Model: Parallel Running of Activities Linked through Information Flows.
The Hypergraph Simplex Approach: some exeperimeental results
Maciej Hapke, A Note on Fuzzy Optimization for Project Scheduling.

Issue 77/1996 

Giorgio Gallo, Operations Research- The Challenge of Complexity
Jonathan Rosenhead, Between two stools: a possibile future for Operational Research.
Pasquale Avella, Antonio Sforza, Test di riduzione per il problema di p-mediana.
Alberto Caprara, Matteo Fischietti, Odd cut-sets, odd cycles, and 0-1/2 Chvàtal-Gomory cuts.

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