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Issue 92/1999 

Joyendu Bhadury, Defensive strategies for locating multiple facilities in a competitive environment
Renu Gupta, M.C. Puri, Ranking of solution in an integer non-convex program
Pedro Barahona, Paula Amaral, About infeasibility in the constraints of a linear model

Issue 91/1999 

Filippo Focacci, Andrea Lodi, Michela Milano, Daniele Vigo, Introduction
Filippo Focacci, Andrea Lodi, Michela Milano, Daniele Vigo, An introduction to Constraint Programming
Monique Calisti, Boi Faltings, Distributed constrained agents for allocating service demands in multi-provider networks
Giuseppe Beccari, Roberto Gavazzi, Fabio Malabocchia, Luisella Sisto, Effective resource scheduling in work force management for telecommunication work centers
Truls Flatberg, Johan Havardtun, Oddvar Kloster, Arne Lokketangen, Combining exact and heuristic methods for solving a Vessel Routing Problem with inventory constraint and time windows

Issue 90/1999 

Heli Koski, Peter Nijkamp, Optimal Timing of Adoption of network Technologies
Rafikul Islam, M.P. Biswal, S.S. Alam, Analysis of Inconsistent Interval Judgement Matrices
Claudio Arbib, A Bound on the Stability Number of Graphs with Boxicity k: an Exercise

Issue 89/1999 

Shoshana Anily, Michel Gendreau, Gilbert Laporte, Optimal sequencing of tasks on a tree shaped structure
Moncef Abbas, Mustapha Moulai, Solving Multiple Objective integer linear programming
Emilio Spedicato, Elena Bodon, Antonino Del Popolo, Zunquan Xia, ABS algorithms for linear systems and optimization: a review and a bibliography

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