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Issue 98-99-100/2001 

Emilio Spedicato, Foreword
Ladislav Luksan, Emilio Spedicato, A globally convergent nonlinear ABS algorithm, theory and numerical experiments
Li-Wei Zhang, Zun-Quan Xia, ABS algorithms for solving linearly constrained optimization problems via the active set strategy
Li-Wei Zhang, Zun-Quan Xia, Yong-Jin Liu, Application of the ABS method to systems of linear matrix integer equations
Li-Wei Zhang, Computing inertias of KKT matrix and reduced Hessian via the ABS algorithm
Yong Wang, En-Min Feng, On the use of ABS algorithms in the modelling of oil deposits

Issue 97/2001 

Roberto De Lotto, Antonella Ferrara, An analog differential model to solve location problems in urban planning
Marilena Krayer, Cristina Cocchetto, A mathematical model for periodic scheduling of personnel: a firm case
A. Krishnamoorthy, N. Raju, N-policy for a production inventory system with random lifetimes
S. Saati M., M. Zarafat Angiz L,, A. Memariani, G.R. Jahanshahloo, A model for ranking decision making units in data envelopment analysis

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