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The Rivista di Psicoterapia Relazionale (Journal of Relational Psychotherapy), is a scientific journal first published in 1982 with the name Attraverso lo Specchio and subsequently, since 1995, with its present name. From the very beginning its main goals have been the emerging themes of psychotherapy, as well as the specific clinical application of relational and systemic perspectives in understanding and treating individual and family problems. The adoption of a complexity perspective as well as of a multiple levels of analysis has been essential in covering vast and controversial issues like the cultural and psychological changes the families and couples went through in the last decades, the development of new forms of family organizations, the critical relational interface with multicultural aspects and social conflicts. Confrontation with other perspectives and disciplines is considered another way to preserve coherence with the complexity model. Similarly, the choice of accepting contributions of prominent authors that share a critical position toward the complexity tends to expand the boundaries of the discipline. On the other hand the Journal regularly consider the contribution of young authors that could bring novelty and renovation, as well as introduce critics and debate. The Rivista di Psicoterapia Relazionale is a completely double blind peer-reviewed journal. The journal invites quality clinical and research papers that present original approaches to the intervention with couples, families and other natural systems. The scope of the journal encompasses the broad area of System Theory, Complexity Theory applied to psychology, psychiatry, and related sciences, as a way to investigate human behavior, mental health and their distresses as well as their care and treatment. Couples and Family Psychotherapy are the central focus of the journal, but original research, specific case reports and high-quality review articles, are regularly considered for publication.

Editor in chief: Camillo Loriedo.
Vice-Editor: Chiara Angiolari.
Editorial board: Vittorio Cigoli, Adriana De Francisci, Emanuele Del Castello, Danilo Solfaroli Camillocci, Claudio Eliseo, Giovanni Madonna, Lorenzo Polli, Luigi Schepisi, Wilma Trasarti Sponti (1982- †(;) 2020), Enrico Visani, Gaspare Vella (1982-2009).

Rivista di Psicoterapia Relazionaleviale - Info: Regina Margherita 269 - 00198 - Roma. Tel. 06.8542130; fax 06.8542006; e-mail: rivi-stapr@gmail.com

The Journal uses a double-blind peer review process. Reviewers are chosen for their expertise. The article will be sent anonymously to reviewers to avoid possible influences due to the name of the author. The editors may decide not to submit the article to any referee in the case it is judged as not relevant, not rigorous or not meeting appropriate scientific standards. Reviewers' evaluations will be sent to the author also in case of negative response.

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Issue 34/2011 
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Chiara Angiolari, Il destino del desiderio: amori liquidi e identificazioni solide (The fate of desire: liquid loves and solid identifications)
Luisa Martini, La distruzione di un amore (The destruction of a love)
Sponti Wilma Trasarti, Anna Maria Rapone, Il linguaggio dell’intimità, fra appartenenza e separazione (The secret language of intimacy between belonging and individuation)
Alessandra De Col, Stefania Possemato, Intimità: metafora del mito (Intimacy: a metaphor of the myth)
Flavia Alaggio, Piera Anna Murrali, M’ama o non m’ama: intimità e timori nella costruzione della coppia (Love me or love me not: intimacy and fears in couple building)
Rosastella Caputi, Valentina Iavasile, Intimità, sessualità e tradimento nella coppia (Intimacy, sexuality and betrayal of couple)
Sergio Lupoi, Paola Cipolla, Simona Dell'Atti, Adele M. R. Francavilla, Roberta Menichelli, Unioni vaganti: alla ricerca della quadratura del cerchio (Wandering unions: looking for the seed of contradiction)

Issue 33/2011 

Camillo Loriedo, Una coerenza senza fine: ricordo di Claudio Tata
Francesca Romana Bonomo, Francesco Canevelli, Michela Merlo, I mostri in conflitto, il conflitto come mostro (The Squid and the Whale: the monsters in the conflict as conflict monster)
Ivana Distefano, Caterina Puglisi, Domenica Belmondo, Rosa Balistrocchi, La consulenza tecnica d’ufficio in chiave sistemica: studio di un caso (Systemic legal advice: working to a clinical case)
Matilde Di Mario, Alessandro Zanoni, Gli innamorati dell’amore... dal mito alle transazioni psicotiche (Love’s lovers... from myth to psychotic transaction)
Maria Carmina Sola, Il desiderio di un figlio: storia di un’adozione che portò ad una gravidanza (The desire to have a child. Story of an adoption which lead to a pregnancy)
Antonella Corsello, Marinella Buttafarro, Don Chisciotte e i mulini a vento: il bambino come risorsa nella terapia con la famiglia ricomposta (Don Chisciotte and windmills: the child as a resource in family therapy with the blended family)
Antonella Giancaterini, Claudia Di Gregorio Zitella, Alessandro Celli, Il gioco del silenzio: il segreto familiare come ostacolo alle funzioni coniugali e genitoriali (The game of silence: the family secret as a barrier to the marriage and parental functions)

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