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Empirical researches and theoretical studies will be double-blind refereed.

Fascia A Anvur, area 11 SCIENZE STORICHE, FILOSOFICHE, PEDAGOGICHE, PSICOLOGICHE: 11/D1 (Pedagogia e storia della pedagogia), 11/D2 (Didattica, Pedagogia speciale e Ricerca educativa)

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Issue 2/2018 
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Marina De Rossi, Filippo Viola, Competence Awareness of ICT Integration into Teaching: Technological Dimensions of Learning Experiences within an Erasmus+ KA1 Project for Digital Leader Teachers from Veneto
Michelle L. Glowacki-Dudka, Amy Baize Ward, Linking Scholars through International Dialogue and Collaboration
Greta Marie Giese, Mejai Bola Avoseh, Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation as a Predictor of Job Satisfaction: A Study of Non-academic Community College Employees
Felice Corona, Nicolina Pastena, Tonia De Giuseppe, The Awareness of Being: Mindfulness Embodied Cognition and Well-Being
Daniela Frison, Concetta Tino, Monica Fedeli, L’adozione di un additional collaborative tool nell’insegnamento in lingua veicolare: un’esperienza con Padlet
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Issue 1/2018 
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Linda Tsevi, Quality Assurance in Private Higher Education in Ghana: Perspectives of Administrators and International Higher Education Specialists
Susan Sholar Hanny, Lori Risley, The Adult Learner’s Transformational Journey: An Italian Experience Study Tour
Daniela Robasto, Processi di apprendimento e insegnamento nella didattica universitaria. Tra requisiti di sistema e innovazione didattica (Learning and teaching processes in university teaching. Between system requirements and didactic innovation)
Giuseppa Cappuccio, Gabriella Ferrara, La formazione iniziale dei docenti di sostegno attraverso la metodologia dello storytelling. Un’indagine nei laboratori del corso di specializzazione al sostegno di Palermo (Initial support teachers training through storytelling methodology. A research in the laboratories of the specialization course in Palermo)
Isabella Quatera, La musica esperienza d’inclusione per studenti universitari. Costruzione di uno strumento musicale condiviso (Music inclusion experience for university students. Construction of a shared musical instrument)
Guido Benvenuto, Delfina Stella, Elena Viti, Danzare, riflettere, apprendere (Dance, reflect, learn)

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