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Educazione sentimentale - was first published in May 2003 as the official publication of the "Fondazione Luigi (Gino) Pagliarani". Its aim was to encourage the study and diffusion of Pagliarani’s ideas and work. Educazione sentimentale (in English, "Emotional Education") has since been reissued as the journal of the homonymous association, in close collaboration with the Fondazione Luigi (Gino) Pagliarani, and with Ariele, Associazione Italiana di Psicosocioanalisi. The title, which appears significantly in Pagliarani’s handwriting on the cover, refers to the need to improve our capacity to recognize, manage and develop feelings and sentiments, especially given that of all the different forms of education we receive in our lifetime, emotional education is considered the weakest. Each issue of the journal, which comes out half-yearly, is monographic, exploring a major topic of Pagliarani’s theory and practice (the psycho-socio-analysis). The objective is to create a link between established theories and new ideas and proposals, both within and outside of the psycho-socio-analytic sphere. Between 2003 and 2008, the journal had a dialogical format with the monographic material split into two sections: the first section based on archival research into Pagliarani’s papers, thoughts, daily notes etc., and the second section containing original and ad-hoc contributions from authors considered experts in the subject. After the first twelve volumes, the journal changed its format and contents, opting for a more open structure, one which the Editorial Board occasionally defines in relation to the monographic subject under consideration. Educazione sentimentale is aimed at all those who are interested in developing ("sentimentally" and professionally) thoughts, techniques and skills related to the analysis of and provision of care to individuals, couples, groups, institutions and society at large (the "polis").

Direttore Responsabile:Fausta Slanzi . Vice Direttori: Eraldo C. Cassani, Dario Forti, Carla Weber . Comitato scientifico: Marco Aime, Silvia Amati Sas, Luigi Boccanegra, Gianluca Bocchi, Franco Borgogno, Anna Maria Burlini, Fulvio Carmagnola, Mauro Ceruti, Giuseppe Civitarese, Marco Conci, Michele De Lucchi, Domenico De Masi, Duccio Demetrio, Donata Fabbri, Antonino Ferro, Pier Francesco Galli, Diego Garofalo †(;), Silvia Gherardi, Alfonso Maurizio Iacono, Jole Janigro, Sergio Manghi, Fiorella Monti, Alberto Munari, Diego Napolitani †(;), Francesco Novara †(;), Giancarlo Origgi, Gloria Origgi, Claudia Piccardo, Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet, Elena Pulcini, Gian Piero Quaglino, Marco Rossi-Doria, Marianella Sclavi, Silvano Tagliagambe, Giancarlo Trentini, Gianni Zanarini Direzione Scientifica: Eraldo C. Cassani, Dario Forti, Giuseppe Varchetta, Carla Weber Direzione e Redazione: Viale Papiniano 38, 20123 Milano
Segretaria di Redazione: Floriana Simone

For Info: Viale Papiniano, 38 - 20123 - Milano.

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Issue 35/2021 
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A cura della Redazione, Editoriale
Aldo Giorgio Gargani, Transizioni fra codici simbolici e intrecci testuali
Domenico Lipari, I metodi della ricerca sociale oltre i confini del modello sperimentale (The methods of social research beyond the boundaries of the experimental model.)
Ugo Morelli, Transdiscipinarità e conoscenza dell’esperienza di noi stessi (Living experience. Transdisciplinarity and knowledge)
Francesco Remotti, Antropologia. Riflessioni su un sapere trans-culturale e trans-disciplinare (Anthropology. Reflections on a trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary knowledge.)
Valerio Magrelli, Segni e disegni (Signs and drawings)
Paola Verrucchi, Ma io preferisco il mare (But I prefer the sea)
Adalinda Gasparini, Metamorficamente. Miti e psicoanalisi (Metamorphically. Myths and psychoanalysis)
Laura Cioni, Fra analisi e teatro (Between analysis and theatre)
Cristiano Cassani, Il cambiamento nasce dall’interrelazione. Intervista a Michele De Lucchi
Cristiano Cassani, Immagini
Dario Forti, Mauro Ceruti, Paolo Magatti, Daniela Patruno, Giorgio Puzzini, Paolo Romagnoli, Barbara Toffolo, Mauro Tomè, Cinzia Trimboli, Cantieri. Un pedagogista geniale. Ricordando Paolo Perticari / Per il welfare che verrà. Agorà, uno spazio di ricerca e di intervento /
Carla Weber, Recensioni

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