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Lo “spettro” dell’autismo

Ruolo e competenze foniatriche e logopediche

Dalla prima descrizione clinica dell’autismo (DSA) sono stati fatti notevoli progressi nella capacità di diagnosticare questo disturbo, tuttavia esistono ancora ampi margini di miglioramento. Vi è consenso internazionale sull’importanza di sviluppare percorsi che consentano di effettuare la diagnosi il più precocemente possibile. Nella pubblicazione si parlerà della clinica e degli aspetti terapeutici del DSA, con particolare attenzione al ruolo e alle competenze foniatriche e logopediche.

cod. 10502.2

This is the 18th edition of the Health&Hospitals Report, which has, each year since the very beginning, sought to take stock of and review the performance of Italian hospitals, comprised of a public component and a private (accredited) component that coexist in a mixed system. The Health&Hospitals/2020 Report has had to contend with a very special year, one in which it encountered both the normal evolution of the system and the special developments that arose from the impact of the, still ongoing, pandemic. Thus the joint effort made by the public facilities and the accredited private facilities to meet the needs of Covid patients during the first phase of the Corona virus from February to September has been reported on: this is an initial study given that an overall assessment for 2020 will only be possible during the course of 2021, when the necessary data and information become fully available. Parallel to this the equally issue of inpatient non-Covid patients was addressed by a field survey on the Italian population, for whom expected hospital and non-hospital services have been postponed, beginning already back in 2019 and being augmented by those appearing at the start of 2020.

cod. 10035.12

The Health & Hospitals Report/2019 provides an account - year by year - of the state of affairs of our mixed hospital system, which consists of a publicly-operated component (comprised of different types of institutions) and a privately-operated component (itself made up of different types of accredited facilities). The Report has two distinctive features: on the one hand, it aims to understand the level of satisfaction of users and citizens with respect to their healthcare needs and, therefore, the functioning of the hospital “machine”; on the other hand, it is prepared by a “third party”, who analyzes and independently evaluates the trend of the experiences and opinions of the population, as well as the performance of the hospital facilities. The focus this year has been on the difficult pursuit of an acceptable “average level” of services to be provided in terms of time, quality, and territory (and individual hospital and post-hospital facilities).

cod. 10035.10