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La valutazione di efficacia delle borse di studio in Toscana
Autori/Curatori: Gianni Aristelli, Carla Rampichini, Nicola Sciclone 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2001 Fascicolo: 3  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  22 Dimensione file:  148 KB

The paper deals with the impact evaluation of university scholarships financed by the Tuscany Region during the last years. The data sets collecting the individual data of all the students from the three Tuscany universities - Florence, Pisa and Siena - were used as statistical sources. We used several statistical methodologies (probit models, linear regression models and survival analysis) to compare the performances of students who obtained the scholarship with the ones of a control group. The analysis shows how the scholarship reduces drop-outs and encourage students to pass their examinations. Scholarships’ effects may otherwise vary according to the university or the year of enrolment, but there are no influences related to the number of scholarships given to each student during her/his course of study.

Gianni Aristelli, Carla Rampichini, Nicola Sciclone, in "ECONOMIA PUBBLICA " 3/2001, pp. , DOI:


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