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I dolori nascosti e manifesti nelle patologie della sessualità femminile
Autori/Curatori: Sara Mariorenzi 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2006 Fascicolo: 1  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  31 P. 69-99 Dimensione file:  244 KB

The psychological mechanisms hidden behind the pathologies of the pain are very complex for which a job is fundamental coordinated between the gynecologist and the sexologist. The patient with tied up problems of the sexuality to the pain, has an attitude toward the psychological intervention very particular which prevents from following more easily the applicable traditional canons in other symptomatologies. For different years we have not found satisfactory answers in front of many cases in which we assisted to sudden improvements of the symptom or to a to persist some discomfort despite the careful therapeutic job both physician how psychological: the symptom kept on being almost revealed itself as it challenges more intense The woman is more and more the protagonist in the actual society. Yet not always this deep emancipation of the female job is valorized and appreciated by the other sex: today we assist still to phenomenons of continuous boycottings that are born from the family and in the place of job. The woman imprisoned in a similar relationship it inevitably ends with the losing the image of herself and the physical layer is almost inevitable reactions. The denied identity is often the cause of a refusal of the sexuality and obsessive behaviors is verse her same that toward the partner. Since the initial phase you/they can nest small germs that subsequently you/they can amplify him up to reach exaggerated forms apparently unjustified and/or symptoms of discomfort that don’t find an immediate meaning. The dispareunia and the vaginismus are two diffused and extremely frustrating sexual dysfunctions for the women. The dispareunia points out a recurrent genital pain that prevents from serenely living the sexuality. It defines vaginismus an unintentional spasm of the next muscles of the pelvis to the inferior bystander of the vagina. The vaginismus is a pathology where the psychological component has greater importance. The Author delineates some strategies of therapeutic intervention, introduces some clinical cases and it proposes the most functional formalities to involve the woman\the couple in the medical and psychological job to overcome the pathology in action. Key words: vaginism,dispareunia, white relationship, competitiveness, tolerance to the conflict, therapeutic strategy, the pathology of the intimacy, strategies in the reception of the patient.

Sara Mariorenzi, in "RIVISTA DI SESSUOLOGIA CLINICA" 1/2006, pp. 69-99, DOI:


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