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Sicurezza: assecondare la domanda o costruire il consenso?
Autori/Curatori: Manuele Braghero, Nicoletta Curti 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2005 Fascicolo: Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  18 P. 11-28 Dimensione file:  236 KB

Manuele Baghero and Nicoletta Curti discuss in their article a very important issue in the present debate, that is, to favor the demand for more security or to construct a wider consensus about what to do. In the opinion of Baghero and Curti, the security problem seems to be centered around three specific issues, namely: excessive emphasis, relativism and remotion. These three approaches may be dangerous, since they could ignite a democratic short circuit. Excessive emphasis is the result of a debate which has taken place during the last 15 years, giving priority to the issues connected with everyday criminality, although, however, without any consequential innovation in the strategies of public intervention. Relativism is the product of the preeminent importance given to the issues of security and risk prevention in the urban context. Also, of the corresponding weakening of interest for the connection between organized crime and the decrement of street crimes, on one hand, and economic criminality and the everyday quality of life, on the other. Remotion concerns the refusal to take in the due consideration family violence, and especially that which arises within a couple, as well as the connection between such a violence and the bothering and unruliness of young people group behavior. As a solution for the problems above indicated (as well as for other problems) Baghero and Curti suggest a strong policy for immigrants’ integration, a more balanced town planning mix of ghetti and areas for commercial and professional activities, a strong commitment to establish a judicial system to guarantee punishment within a maximum time, closely related to the type of crimes, the strengthening of police organization, on the other, a revitalization of communities to endow them with the capability for an effective fight against irresponsibility, a less episodic and more stable governance.

Manuele Braghero, Nicoletta Curti, in "RIVISTA TRIMESTRALE DI SCIENZA DELL’AMMINISTRAZIONE" 4/2005, pp. 11-28, DOI:


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