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Rischio etico e responsabilità sociale del Gruppo EDF
Autori/Curatori: Anne Salmon 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2007 Fascicolo: 106-107  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  14 P. 218-231 Dimensione file:  71 KB

Group Numerous international companies are diffusing today a speech that they characterize as ethics. Far away from replacing one with the others, the codes ethics, the devices about social responsibility of enterprise or more recently the longlasting development, complete each other and they are strengthened mutual in order to compose an architecture of which coherence is striking. It is necessary therefore not to examine these elements separately, in order to analyze their relations and the sense they produce. It is in this perspective that we will examine the case of enterprise EDF. This enterprise is very interesting, because of the approval of its ethical path, that leads, in 2005, to an agreement of social responsibility of enterprise with the trade unions, and embraces a period of approximately ten years. It directly offers a great view of this phenomenon, connected to the internationalization of the enterprise and the opening of his capital. Used from the management as an accompanyment of these deep changes near the employee workers, ethics definitively will be colonized from the managerial logical? Or it will be different?

Anne Salmon, in "SOCIOLOGIA DEL LAVORO " 106-107/2007, pp. 218-231, DOI:


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