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L'individuazione dei driver della soddisfazione: il ruolo della fiducia
Autori/Curatori: Margherita Maria Pagliuca 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2008 Fascicolo: 1  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  15 P. 72-86 Dimensione file:  206 KB

The determination of the satisfaction drivers: the role of the trust ABSTRACT:The determination of the satisfaction drivers: the role of the trust Objectives During the last years the development of the new distribution channels and the increase of the range of products have modified a lot the insurance sector. These changes have required a greater attention to the consumers needs and preferences. In this new competitive context, the customer satisfaction is an important strategic key that can assure to the enterprise the intensification and the broadening of the market share. The aim of the paper is to identify the influence and importance of the different drivers on the insurance company customers satisfaction. Among the different drivers, it has wanted to look into the importance of the trust in the agent, in fact he acts as a go-between the insurance company and the customers. Methods and Results In this paper it formulated a conceptual model founded on a structural equations system in order to estimate the influence and the weight of the different drivers on the customer satisfaction. Using Partial Least Squares analysis, an empirical study was conducted to investigate the relationship between some factors of the insurance company and the customers satisfaction overall. Partial Least Squares is chosen as the method of analysis since it can be used with data that come from non-normal distributions and less than interval level data. Conclusions The results of the empirical analysis have confirmed the most important factor is the price of the insurance policy. This is because a lot of customers interviewed have fixed income. However, also the agent’s capability and the skills have a discrete impact on the customer satisfaction overall.

Margherita Maria Pagliuca, in "RIVISTA DI ECONOMIA E STATISTICA DEL TERRITORIO" 1/2008, pp. 72-86, DOI:


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