Gruppo dialogo in SPDC

Titolo Rivista GRUPPI
Autori/Curatori Laura Pozzi
Anno di pubblicazione 2009 Fascicolo 2008/2 Lingua Italiano
Numero pagine 17 P. 81-97 Dimensione file 247 KB
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Group dialogue within SPDC - This work aims at describing an operators/patients experience in group therapy withinSPDC (Psychiatric Service of Diagnosis and Care). It especially traces the course followedto evaluate the effectiveness of a "group therapy" approach, and then looks at the type ofgroup to be initiated at the SPDC of Psychiatric Operational Unit 3, "Alta e Bassa Valsuganae Tesino", APSS Trento. The theoretical framework chosen for the group is the "MedianGroup" according to the Theory of Mind by P. De Maré and R. Schöllberger. This theoryapplies the use of dialogue as a privileged means of mind communication. In fulfillingthe project, the entire ward staff were engaged, so that the group slowly became a means foreveryone, patients and operators alike. A couple of short meeting sketches are attached tothe final chapter so as to underline the fact that such a group can reach short-term targets "such as the compliance and learning of peers" as well as medium-term objectives regardingthe atmosphere within the ward (which is one of the efficacy indicators we are monitoring).Above all, dialogue allows to overcome the highly hierarchic routine within SPDC, creatinga climate of human relationship between patients and psychiatric operators, who behaveas peers, thus going beyond the typical isolation of roles and managing to render a fullvision of the patient (and of the operator, as well).Keywords: SPDC, Median Group, dialogue-group.;

Laura Pozzi, Gruppo dialogo in SPDC in "GRUPPI" 2/2008, pp 81-97, DOI: