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Riflessività e premure fondamentali
Autori/Curatori: Margaret S. Archer 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2008 Fascicolo: 3  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  20 P. 7-26 Dimensione file:  215 KB

Person, Reflexivity and Ultimate Concerns - This paper is aimed to secure a concept of the person who is active and reflexive, someone who has the properties and powers to monitor his or her own life, to mediate structural and cultural properties of society and thus to contribute to societal reproduction or transformation. The process of being a person is ongoing because throughout life we continue our reflexive work. The person is also capable of authentic creativity which can transform society’s conversation in radical way. According to Archer who we are is what we care about, our self becomes what it generates by way of adaptation to (confrontation with) the ultimate concerns during the life span. The self is a latent reality rooted in its nature, while the means which realise the human person as such do not consist of material instruments, nor of practices as such, not to mention the processes of socialisation, but consist of its ultimate concerns. An ultimate concern is that to which we are not just committed but ultimately committed and from which in turn we derive our ultimate fulfilment.

Margaret S. Archer, in "SOCIOLOGIA E POLITICHE SOCIALI" 3/2008, pp. 7-26, DOI:


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