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La religione come risorsa discorsiva nell'esperienza di invecchiamento
Autori/Curatori:  Giuseppe Mininni, Rosa Scardigno 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2008 Fascicolo: 4  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  28 P. 107-134 Dimensione file:  734 KB
DOI:  10.3280/RIP2008-004006
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La religione come risorsa discorsiva nell'esperienza di invecchiamento - The cultural and discursive approach to aging studies suggests on one side that it’s impossible to identify universal evolutive pathways, because of the build-up of different experiences that make every person the only one; on the other side, that it’s necessary turning to a dialogical perspective, so that the different voices about aging experience can find their appropriate place. In order to regain a neglected dimension - not only in gerontology - having important potentials for subjective well-being, our purpose is to deepen the way religion can be a resource of meaning in the course of life. From narrative interview with Catholic and converted to Buddhism aged people, it emerges the strength of individual discursive positioning: both in constant evolutive pathways and in switch-marked life experiences, religious believers can find in different religious believes and practices the answers to essential questions about their life, an anchor to face the present and the future, a "social escort" for their well-being.

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Giuseppe Mininni, Rosa Scardigno, in "RICERCHE DI PSICOLOGIA " 4/2008, pp. 107-134, DOI:10.3280/RIP2008-004006


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