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Security and efficiency of public administration of the socio-humanitarian sector of Ukraine
Autori/Curatori: Anatoliy S. Sitsinskiy, Igor L. Hasiuk, Valeriia V. Golub, Andriy I. Semenchenko, Dmytro V. Dubov 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2020 Fascicolo: 2 suppl.  Lingua: Inglese 
Numero pagine:  15 P. 205-219 Dimensione file:  278 KB
DOI:  10.3280/RISS2020-002-S1015
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The relevance of the efficiency and security of public administration is particularly acute given the rapid development of crisis phenomena in socio-economic, hu-manitarian and other fields of Ukrainian society, which necessitates the search for new ways of organizing the administrative process, making effective management decisions, interaction of public authorities with public institutions to ensure sus-tainable socio-economic and humanitarian development of the state. The purpose of the paper is to address the efficiency and security of public administration in the socio-humanitarian sector of Ukraine, which is the focus of public administra-tion theorists and practitioners, and has recently become interdisciplinary in na-ture. The main methods of research are cluster analysis and methods of mathe-matical statistics, by means of which the initial data of the survey of public offic-ers were processed. Based on the results of a study of the designated directions de-velopment to improve of the efficiency and safety of public administration of the social and humanitarian sector of Ukraine. The quality of the implementation of programs in the socio-humanitarian, economic sphere analyzed. Immediate secu-rity threats were also identified. Threats are grouped according to their degree of danger. The highest security level by area has been determined. It is concluded that public administration in the above spheres is at the lowest level. The novelty of the study is conditioned upon a sociological survey of public officers so as to determine the expert opinion on key issues. The practical importance is determined by the need to formulate priority ways of improving the efficiency and security of public administration in the socio-humanitarian sector of Ukraine.

Keywords: Government, threats, political system, statistics, safety

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Anatoliy S. Sitsinskiy, Igor L. Hasiuk, Valeriia V. Golub, Andriy I. Semenchenko, Dmytro V. Dubov, in "RIVISTA DI STUDI SULLA SOSTENIBILITA'" 2 suppl./2020, pp. 205-219, DOI:10.3280/RISS2020-002-S1015


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