How is the on line access service run and by whom?

The access service (to both current and back issues issues) is managed by Torrossa - Casalini Full Text Platform.

How and with whom are the access licences signed?

Access licences (to both current and back issues) must be signed exclusively with: FrancoAngeli srl ( or Casalini Libri spa (

Can a bookshop that sells FrancoAngeli journals take out an online subscription for a client?

No, because the online subscription (print + online or just online) is a licence that requires the stipulation of a contract between the signatory and the publisher.

What format are the documents in and what programmes do I need to read them?

All text is in pdf format. To read them you'll need an internet connection and the free software Adobe® Reader 7.0 or a later version. The programme is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, MacOS X v.10.2.8 e 10.3, Palm OS® 3.0 and successive versions.

What searches can I carry out?

If you type a word in the title box, the search will find all results which contain that word, either in the work or in a part of that work or article; searching by author will find the authors of parts of works or articles. A full text search allows you to find one or more terms within a text. The search option key allows you to refine the search criteria and choose the number of results to be visualised on a page (the default setting is for eight results per page).

What does a licence allow me to do and what are the rules regarding DRM?

For resources for which an institution has signed an access licence, a user can visualise and print for personal use, educational or research purposes, a single copy of a reasonable number of articles from an individual issue (not the entire issue). For resources for which the institution has not signed an access licence, the user must acquire a licence as a private user before visualising the full text of the article in question.

What is not permitted?

Downloading and systematically printing articles is not allowed. Similarly, the sending of articles to third parties by any means (including fax and email) is not permitted. In general, the communication and making available of articles to a public outside of the authorised institution, even if free of charge and on request (including inter-library exchange services) is not permitted. You are allowed to quote or report quotes, but you are not allowed to modify, alter or create derived works without permission.

Is it possible to authorise access of more than one static IP?

All licences require activation for a single static IP. Having more than one static IP (or range of contiguous IP) for each licence, you can request more activations. In this case we will apply an added cost of € 5,00 for every further IP (or range of contiguous IP) activated. The fee will be requested only una tantum : for the first activation (or in case of variations). It will not be requested for the successive renewals of the licence. For further information please contact:

Are there provisions for multi-site licences?

Yes, as well as the base licence (which refers to the acquisition of the right to access from a physical site delimited by neighbouring rooms and only for authorised users), it's possible to request an extension of the licence to various sites, according to various modalities (in relation to the number of sites in question and to their position in, or not, of the same municipality).

And for Universities?

For Universities there's the possibility of a licence to secure access from the entire network. It's possible to extend the licence by acquiring the faculty to guarantee 1) access to remote authorised users via a proxy server, 2) to authorised users the faculty to make permanent copies of contents (for personal use and only limited parts of an issue). Perpetual access to the Editorial Content that were accessible during the term of this Agreement is granted (FrancoAngeli is member of CLOCKSS and Portico). For conditions, fees and discounts available see: General contract conditions (University formula).
For further information: or

Who should I contact if I have problems with online access?

You can contact the assistance service at