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Issue 5-6/1991 

V. Ivanchenko, Plan, market, and forms of property in soviet economy
A. Stoinik, New quality of planning
E. Lobanova, State order in national economic management: problems and challenges
O. Yun, National economic planning: state of the art and beyond
A. Bim, Socialism, freedom and economic planning
E. Mukhhanova, Improvement of planning approaches as applied to evolving market environments
S.D. Valentey, E.M. Bukhvald, Strategic planning of Socio-economic renovation in Russian federation
A.V. Tarkanov, Some Theoretical aspects of regional social development planning
V. Bitunov, Management of economic and social development
E. V. Nisevich, Searching the way: a postscript
Ilya N. Nisevich, Population geography and settlement planning in the USSr

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