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Issue 12/1994 

Lisa Peattie, An approach to urban research in the nineties
Donald Schon, An autobiographical note
Nathaniel Lichfield, Community impact evaluation
Stefano Moroni, Planning, assessment and utilitarianism. Notes on Nathaniel Lichfield's contribution to the evaluation field
Flavio Baroncelli, The old consequences of Charles Taylor's liberalism. And a comment on Walzer's comment
Guido Wallagh, Keeping an Eye on the invisible: fifty years of structure planning in Amsterdam

Issue 10-11/1994 

Helen Liggett, Giving voice to the future of planning. Introduction to symposium on Dilemmas of Planning Practice
David C. Perry, Planning and the city: the turbulent practice
Norman Krumholz, Dilemmas of equity planning: a personal memoir
John Forester, Planners' worries about ethics and direction for future research
Judith Innes, Planning institution in crisis
Kem Lowry, The legitimation of planning
Jacqueline Leavitt, Planning in an Age of rebellion: guidelines to actives research and applied planning
Donald A. Schon, Comments on dilemmas of writing about planning practice
Patsy Healey, Comments on the comments on dilemmas of planning practice
Seymour J. Mandelbaum, Communitarian sensibilities and the design of communities
Giovanni Ferraro, "De te fabula narratur"., Exercices in reading plans

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