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Fascicolo 16/1996 

E.R. Alexander, A. Faludi, Planning Doctrine: Its Uses and Implications
J.A. Throgmorton, The Rhetoric of Rule and Order: A Good Story?
B. Needham, Planning Doctrine: Continuity and Change
D.A. Schon, Dutch Planning: Doctrine or Dialectic?
N. Lichfield, Dutch Planning Doctrine and Land Policy
M.A. Hajer, The Netherlands: Planning Doctrine in Crisis
G. Cars, Sweden: Planning as Social Development
R.H. Williams, Planning Doctrine and the British Experience
K. Lowry, Planning Doctrine in Hawaii
P.L. Crosta, Connecting Knowledge with Action in the Interactive Process of Planning: What Knowledge is Relevant and with whose Actions are We Concerned?

Fascicolo 15/1996 

Judith Allen, Introduction
Keith Jacobs, Planning: A Role For The Imagination.
Bob Wright, Urban Pictures: The City in Film
Daithi D. Downey, Dublin: Writing an re-writing the urban palimpsest
Georgia Butina-Watson, Communities Re-assembled.
Taddeusz Markowski, Regenerating Neglected Cities.
Martin Krieger, Exploration and Discipline: A Phenomenology of Design.
Judith Allen, Conclusions.
Michael Charles Neuman, The Immaginative Institution: Planning and Politics in Madrid

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