Rivista della Associazione Italiana di Psicoanalisi
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Psicoanalisiis the official journal of the Italian Psychoanalytical Association (AIPsi) which was founded in 1992 after a split from the Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI). It is currently a Component Society of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA). Psicoanalisi is a six-monthly publication containing specific technical and theoretical psychoanalytical papers based on clinical experience. At a time when psychoanalysis risks being confused with or submerged by, on the one hand, the proliferation of alternative forms of psychoanalysis, and on the other, by the numerous attempts to prove its validity or otherwise with methods often more suited to other sciences, Psicoanalisi sets out to present to a wider public of experts what we consider specific to our working methods and discipline. The journal is divided into two sections. In the first, we offer the Italian public essays written by foreign authors who are already known but whose papers have yet to be translated into Italian, as well as contributions from other authors who are less known in Italy. In this way the psychoanalytic thinking of the three geographic regions of the IPA - Europe, North America and South America - is represented. The second section contains papers by colleagues who have been anonymously selected by a review board whose members are qualified analysts but do not belong to the AIPsi. We also publish works that can be considered "classics", reviewed and discussed by one or two colleagues of differing orientations. Finally, we publish brief reviews of international psychoanalytical literature.

General Editor Adolfo Pazzagli
Editors: Giovanna Ambrosio (editor in chief), Simona Di Segni, Annalisa Ferretti, Carlo Vittorio Todesco, Geni Valle
ReviewBoard: Delia Battin-Mahon, Mauricio Gitnacht, Gemma Jappe, Antonio Perez-Sanchez, David Rosenfeld, Adriana Sorrentini, Riccardo Steiner

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Issue 2/2016 
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Jacqueline Amati Mehler, I meccanismi psichici del rapporto fra realtà e psicosi (The Psychic Mechanisms of the Relationship between Reality and Psychosis)
Adolfo Pazzagli, Psicosi "bianche" e trattamento psicoanalitico ("White" Psychosis and Psychoanalytic Treatment)
Adriana Sorrentini, Riflessioni sulla validità della psicoanalisi nel secolo XXI (Reflections on the Validity of Psychoanalysis in the XXI Century)
Marie France Dispaux, Una costruzione difficile: la scena primaria nelle strutture limite (A Difficult Construction: Primary Scene in Boundary Structures)
Irwin Hoffman, Disturbi dell’identità nei pazienti distanti (Identity Disorders in Distant Patients)

Issue 1/2016 
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Claire-Marine François-Poncet, L’etica analitica. Introduzione al Forum sull’etica della Federazione Europea di Psicoanalisi
Laurence Kahn, "Come ascoltare il sessuale infantile?". Una disputa settaria o una questione di differenze etiche?
Udo Hock, Verità o spostamenti, riposizionamenti e collocazioni errate nel linguaggio psicoanalitico
Richard D. Chessick, Problemi specifici dello psicoanalista anziano nel processo psicoanalitico
Luigi Ippedico, Lo zaino smarrito. Una riconsiderazione dei ricordi di copertura attraverso un caso clinico
Paolo Mariotti, Lo sviluppo della memoria e il problema dell’amnesia infantile
Luigi Maccioni, Recensioni

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