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Sostenitori della Rivista di studi sulla Sostenibilità

La realizzazione della rivista, è resa possibile grazie anche al contributo, in qualità di "Sostenitori", di Persone fisiche, Enti pubblici e privati. In particolare:

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The REVIEW OF STUDIES ON SUSTAINABILITY stems from an initiative of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation and intends to be a means of deepening scientific knowledge on the issues of sustainable development, analyzed in its various dimensions: environmental, economic, territorial, social and generational.
To this end, the Review is distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature and is not intended to serve only the Italian public, but it is proposed to contribute to the international debate on sustainable human development.
The review, therefore, hosts papers of Italian and foreign scholars in order to stimulate debate on these issues, develop an exchange of knowledge and experience in research and facilitate the integration of multidisciplinary expertise.
The Review of Studies on Sustainability applies to become a reference point for different types of recipients, including: social scientists, philosophy, law, economics, psychology, politicians, entrepreneurs, decision makers and leaders and, more generally, anyone interested in the fundamental problems of our time.
Contributions may cover invited papers and communications, reviews and interviews. Moreover a special section, called forum, will host contributions in foreign languages.

Editor: Eva Pföstl, Vice-Presidente del Collegio dei Saggi della Fondazione Simone Cesaretti
Co-editors: Nicola Marinelli (Università degli Studi di Firenze);
Editorial Board: Massimiliano Agovino (Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope); Zacharoula Andreopoulou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki); Mirza Barjees Baig (College of Food and Agricultural Sciences King Saud University); Irene Paola Borrelli (Fondazione Simone Cesaretti); Florina Bran (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies); Carlo Alberto Campiotti (ENEA); Daniela Covino (Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope); Zaid Eyadat (Dean, School of International Studies and Political Science, The University of Jordan); Jean-Paul Fitoussi (Institut d’études politiques de Paris); Antonio Garofalo (Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope); Adriano Giannola (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II); Enrico Giovannini (Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"); Safwat Shakir Hanna (Prairie View A&M University, Texas); Timothy Josling (Institute for International Studies, Stanford University); Kateryna Kononova (Karazin Kharkiv National University); Sebastiano Maffettone (LUISS - Guido Carli); Filomena Maggino (Sapienza Università di Roma); Alberto Manelli (Università Politecnica delle Marche); Mariella Nocenzi (Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"); Stefano Picchi (Accademia Europea di Bolzano); Giovanni Poggeschi (Università del Salento); Angelo Riccaboni (Università degli Studi di Siena); Bruce Rich (Environmental Law Institute in Washington); Brent S. Steel (Oregon State University); Martina Steiner (Università di Vienna); Joseph Thompson (Villanova University, Philadelphia); Immacolata Viola (Fondazione Simone Cesaretti).

Managing Editor: Dr. Immacolata Viola, Simone Cesaretti Foundation, Via Casaraia 2, 80049 - Somma Vesuviana, Napoli. www.fondazionesimonecesaretti.it, e-mail: rivista@fondazionesimonecesaretti.it.

The Review of Studies on Sustainability foresees a process of peer reviewing. Each proposed article is submitted to two referees chosen between Italian and international experts. They are invited to give their judgments in an anonymous and impartial form. The judgments will be forwarded to authors even if their papers should be rejected to publication. The responsibility to publish the article in the final form remains an exclusive decision of the Editor in chief.

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They are certified repositories offering also authors and libraries the guarantee of technological updating, and formats to allow them to enjoy full text in perpetuity and in the most complete way possible.

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The circulation of the journal is intended to enhance the impact in the world of research, professional associations and representative institutions.

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Issue 2/2021 
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Eva Maria Pfostel, Introduction
Viacheslav Kerner, Editorial
Marina N. Rudenko, Problems of using foreign labour in entrepreneurial activity for the sustainable development of Russia
Yermek Buribayev, Elina Kim, Elmira Kenzhibekova, Malik Shaigaliyev, The role of international standards in improving labour law of the Republic of Kazakhstan to ensure the well-being of society
Anatoliy Kostruba, Legal aspects of transnational scale corporations’ activity in terms of sustainable development
Bakyt Amanseikova, Nuraddin Kudaibergenov, Nazimgul Berdimurat, Sustainable development of logistics systems: features of accounting and cost analysis
Zhanat Makasheva, Transnational corporations, national interests, and security of the country
Aizat Begzhan, Sagyngaliy Aidarbayev, Matthias Hartwig, Sailaubek Alibekov, Zhanat Zhailau, International legal regulation of government procurement for sustainable development in the framework of the WTO
Gulnapissa Zh. Begazova, Aizhan A. Amangeldy, Zhazira D. Tarap, Assel G.-G. Nurkhanova, Legal status of business partnerships under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation
Assel Askerbek, Ardak M. Yesdauletova, Gulnara Ibragimova, Dana K. Akhmedyanova, Sagdat Adilbekov, Methods of implementation of the U.S. policy to ensure the sustainable development of the post-Soviet states
Amina K. Rakhmanova, Madina R. Smykova, Gulnara B. Rakhmanova, Development of a customised model of integrated marketing communications for the economic well-being of the enterprise
Kuan E. Sarybayev, Kanat S. Lakbaev, Akif F. Suleimanov, Ruslan K. Jiyembaev, Gulnara M. Rysmagambetova, Control and supervisory function of the National Ombudsman in the activities of law enforcement agencies aimed to ensure the well-being of society
Pavlo T. Bubenko, Olena V. Dymchenko, Olha O. Rudachenko, Serhii M. Haidenko, Oleg A. Diegtiar, Territorial organization of innovative development: Entrepreneurial aspect of sustainability
Assel O. Syurikpayeva, Zhazira O. Omirali, Nurgul E. Baigelova, Sovetzhan A. Yntymakov, Elmira B. Kurmanaliyeva, Comparative analysis of issues of the legal mechanism of consumer protection in Kazakhstan and foreign countries based on the norms of sustainable development
Ruslan Zh. Baishev, Zholymbet N. Baishev, Aizhan A. Amangeldy, Loan agreement: Comparative analysis of banking legislation in the field of lending to individuals in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation
Askar B. Sembin, Leila A. Tussupova, Irina V. Selezneva, Marina V. Shtiller, Madina S. Tulegenova, Project management in the context of digital transformation of the economy for the sustainable development of Kazakhstan
Volodymyr L. Dykan, Olena H. Kirdina, Iryna V. Tokmakova, Myroslava V. Korin, Hanna V. Obruch, Ensuring the competitiveness and the sustainability of railway enterprises in a crisis environment
Svitlana Shymon, Iryna Baliuk, Pavlo Kykot, Larysa Shatalova, Yuriy Harust, Protection of consumer rights in the world wide web in the context of ensuring sustainable well-being
Section. Solution for Sustainability
Nicola Marinelli, Gian Paolo Cesaretti, Immacolata Viola, Transition towards Well-being Sustainability:Approach to "Circular Economic Model"
Section. Solution for Sustainability
Olena L. Korolchuk, Determination of national sustainability in Ukraine in the scientific opinion of domestic researchers
Section. Solution for Sustainability
Svetlana L. Lozhkina, Olga M. Gusarova, Olga I. Mamrukova, Svetlana Yu. Sivakova, Vladislav A. Lozhkin, Forecasting the environmental and economic indicators of the enterprise, taking into account their mutual proportionality in dynamics for the purposes of sustainable development
Section. Solution for Sustainability
Oksana Dobrovolskaya, Nadiya Stovolos, Andrey Lipatov, Uliana Borisova, Oleg Volodin, Sustainable corporate development and management models
Section. Solution for Sustainability
Mariusz Baranowski, Understanding new media and participatory culture: Well-being or ill-being?
Section. Solution for Sustainability
Daniela Covino, Flavio Boccia, Immacolata Viola, Genetically modified and socially responsible foods: A significant relationship for consumer’s preferences
Section. Solution for Sustainability
Laura Emma Milani Marin, Jeremy Oscar Smith Pezua Sanjinez, Alessandra Cecilia Jacomuzzi, Insects as food: Knowledge, desire and media credibility. Ideas for a communication

Issue 1/2021 
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Eva Maria Pfostel, Editorial. What is Sustainability?
Svetlana L. Lozhkina, Elena V. Zelenkina, Galina A. Gorbatkova, Galina A. Kulikova, The factors "business environment"and "industry focus" in sustainable development of the region
Narendra N. Dalei, Githa S. Heggde, The Economics of Value, Growth and Relationship in a Green Prospective
Marina Khabib, Marina Teplyakova, Miroslav Oblogin, Nikita Kishkin, Impact of sustainable development concept on changing business benchmarks
Zoia Sokolovska, Oksana Klepikova, Semenov Anatoly, Portfolio stability ensuring: an emerging chaos case (on the example of Ukrainian agroholdings)
Nicola Marinelli, Maria Cipollaro, Safwat H. Shakir Hanna, Carlotta Innocenti, Sara Fabbrizzi, The perception of palm oil by Millennials: A semantic differential approach
Olga M. Gusarova, Svetlana L. Lozhkina, Tatiana V. Reger, Elena V. Tarasova, Gleb A. Agapov, Assessment of the ecological potential of the region using the method of regression analysis and the coefficient of elasticity for sustainable development
Ismail Tafani, Health, well-being sustainability and rights in the time of Covid-19 infection: Infection management by the Albanian legal order
Caroline Paskarina, Rina Hermawati Nuraeni, Politics of hashtags: Social network analysis of online contestation in the 2019 Indonesia presidential election
Piotr Misztal, Sustainable development and quality of life in Poland compared to other OECD member countries
Daniela Covino, Immacolata Viola, Tetiana Paientko, Flavio Boccia, Neuromarketing: some remarks by an economic experiment on food consumer perception and ethic sustainability
Gian Paolo Cesaretti, Irene Paola Borrelli, Immacolata Viola, Circular economic analysis for Sustainability

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