Migration in Italy

Fondazione ISMU ETS

Migration in Italy

The First Report - 1995

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Pages: 160

ISBN: 9788820498696

Edition: 1a edizione 1996

Publisher code: 2000.760

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The Cariplo Foundation for Information and Studies on Multiethnicity I.S.MU. arose from a need to encourage and support studies and projects concerning the various aspects of multicultural society, within a historical context. The Cariplo I.S.MU. Foundation sets out to analyze the ever-changing dynamics of multiethnicity with particular reference to the new relationship between the world of North and South, to the changes which have taken places in the Eastern block countries, to the progress towards a unified Europe, to the internationalization of cultural dynamics, the growing importance of societies and cultures at a local level.

Within this framework, Foundation is concerned with migration, which has come to the forefront in recent years.

The Foundation aims to focus the attention of academics, administrators and those responsible for information and training, on these problems. The Cariplo I.S.MU. Foundation is structured to provide a service aimed mainly to public bodies and institutions, voluntary workers and organizations, teachers, academics as well as Drivate individuals.

The work of the Cariplo I.S.MU. Foundation can be divided in four main areas:

documentation: the collection and collation of available material both here and from other countries;

promoting studies and research;

training: including backup available to staffworking in both private and public bodies;

information; by means of seminars, conventions and publications.

The Foundation's work is characterized by interdisciplinary co-operation: specialists form different fields collaborate and public and private consultant are called in to work on projects.

The Foundation has set up a Documentation Centre and promotes research and active participation, particularly in the field of migration and relative social policies, intercultural education, and the relationship between culture and the progress towards a unified Europe.

The Cariplo I.S.MU. Foundation - Foro Buonaparte, 22 - 20121 Milano - Italia Phone: + 39 2 72023398; + 39 2 72023375; Fax: + 39 2 876042;

Email: ismu.cariplo@agora.stm.it

Contributors: Maurizio Ambrosini, Paolo Barbesino, Massimo Cavalmoretti, Marco Lombardi, Salvatore Palidda, Laura Panciroli, Paola Schellenbaum, Laura Zanfrini

Serie: Varie

Subjects: Emigration, Immigration - Sociology of Migration and Development

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