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Why publish with us


Preparing a text, choosing how to best present its contents, taking care of its graphics to make it more appealing, revising its consistency, spreading it to those you want to reach, making sure it remains available through time: these are all goals that, paradoxically, despite new technologies, require more effort than before.

Not only are publications competing more and more to engage readers’ attention, but the growing number of channels and reading modes, requires to possess new skills if you want to obtain the expected results. 

Franco Angeli is the right partner to achieve a considerable impact through your work. 


Whether it is a research book, a university book, a guide for professionals, educators, social workers, we do our best to offer the most effective services to every book in our catalogue. Our aim is to valorise them, reaching a very high appreciation and the most capillary (and constant) circulation in the community of reference. 

For this reason, we believe that the most essential service for an author is a quick response and timely action. To do so, we have developed rigorous procedures to guarantee timing and quality. Our organization is unique compared to similar publishers, not only are we absolutely independent, but we manage directly the main steps: 

  • Printing (through our own typography) 
  • Promotion and distribution in bookstores (through our network of agents and a centralized warehouse to ship orders); 
  • The web (our in-house platform allows to offer, in real time, a very wide range of services, information and editorial products).

Digital innovation is spreading more and more. From digital printing to online marketing, from real-time information sharing along the supply chain (involving publishers, distributors, bookstores, libraries…), up to the creation and online distribution of digital contents (e-books and online journals). Every day we modify the steps of the editorial supply chain. 

Our mission is to be at the forefront of innovation. We commit to being the first to catch and experiment all the opportunities that may be valuable to our authors.


Our aim is to be a bridge between the sources and users of knowledge. Our core mission is to use, in the best possible way, all the places where knowledge demand and offer meet, where (more-or-less conscious and structured) questions are asked, and where (more-or-less consistent) answers are supplied. 

Currently, these places are mainly the databases of leading search engines and of specialized content aggregators.  Being among the first in the search ranking is not easy. Well-organised, structured, and consistent contents are of paramount importance. However, it is also necessary to organize them in a more sophisticated way, to filter and codify them (by means of far richer metadata than standard biographical information), to make sure they make sense for those who consult them (associating abstracts, tags and keywords), to finally offer a widespread coverage

By doing so, they will be easily found and more accessible in physical channels (bookstores and libraries), as well as in online searches. 


The true problem with the internet is the overload of information. It is not difficult to be online, the true challenge is to stand out (there are millions of webpages no one has ever accessed). It is even more difficult to be read when you are among the results of selective and relevant researches. We pay utmost attention to these aspects. Our website is among the first in ranking for number of visitors. Readers can find book presentations enriched with descriptions and detailed semantic cataloguing, as well as the most exhaustive research options (full text, field, tree search). 

Since our first publications in 1990, we have classified all the summaries of more than 100 magazines and made them available for free. Moreover, for publications from 2000 to the present, articles are presented in the pay-per-view mode (for private citizens). Research by author and title is available. For institutions and libraries, several licences to search ad visualize online are available (in a protected network in respect of the most advanced standards), as well as remote offers for access, visualization of back issues, and a guarantee of limitless contents preservation (see info).

The catalog of volumes in English is rich and there are many journals that we publish, in whole or in part, directly in English.

Ensure our authors visibility and an increasingly international audience is therefore in our ambitions. In particular for the products of academic research. We aim for this goal: directly and through the partners we work with.

Since 2023 we have made the FrancoAngeli, FrancoAngeli Journals and FrancoAngeli Series sites entirely available for consultation in two languages (Italian and English). To date, nearly 15% of accesses come from abroad (European countries and the United States of America in the first row).

Since 2006 we have been among the first partners of the Torrossa platform for the distribution of digital content to Italian and foreign academic institutions. With the acquisition (2020) of two important operators with presence in the Netherlands and France and their integration into the Torrossa platform, the Casalini group in recent years has become an important "pan-European" player in the fields of human and social sciences and the arts. It offers access to almost 400,000 e-books and more than 1,000 academic e-journals, with presences not only from Italian and Spanish academic publishing, but also from French, German, Swiss, Belgian, Dutch and English publishing. It regularly serves over 3,000 libraries worldwide.

Besides, Torrossa is interfaced with tools such as OCLC, Primo Central, Summon Proquest, Serials Solutions, Ebsco Discovery Service, and Yewno that are databases and index metadata and fulltext (where provided) to streamline research and connect it regardless of both the place of access (I can connect through my university's network, using the tools that the university owns, but through discovery I also expand my research to sources not owned by my university) and the step of initiation of the research itself (with the possibility therefore of non-linear research).

It is a possibility that amplifies information in a relevant way and allows dissemination, the first element of promotion and knowledge.

Code of ethics