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How to propose an article for our magazines 

If you believe you can offer an original contribution to one of the disciplines and areas of interest of our magazines, we would be happy to consider it.  Please, select the most relevant magazine for you from this list (keeping in mind that you will be asked to give us the exclusive use of the article and you will not be able to propose it to more than one magazine at a time) and follow the editing instructions. 

How to submit to a magazine using Open Journal System (OJS): in each magazine presentation page, you can access directly to the platform by clicking a button. You are asked to register and be periodically updated on the status of your proposal. 

In many subjects of the academic research field, publishing an article in English facilitates its international spreading (sometimes it is even mandatory). To do so, you may use a specialised service of proof review (and also translation) by native speaker translators. Please find some links below:


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