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Open Access: our effective solution 

FrancoAngeli Open Access is a platform to publish articles and research monographs, in respect of ethic and qualitative standards, of blind peer review selection protocols and with an open access to contents. 

In addition to guaranteeing the filing in the most relevant archives and international repositories, OA (as DOAB - Directory of Open Access Books and OAPEN Library), the inclusion in the  rich catalogue of Franco Angeli  magazines and books, maximises visibility, facilitates research  and makes the book more impactful.  Authors (researchers or institutions) can choose between two Creative Commons licences
Creative Cmmons

Attribution – non-commercial – no-derivatives 4.0 international (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).This licence  is more restrictive: it only allows for the downloading of works and their shearing. However, they cannot be changed or used for commercial purpose.  
Creative Commons

Attribution – no-derivatives 4.0 international (CC BY-ND 4.0). This licence allows for a commercial and non-commercial redistribution, as long as the work is sent in its integral and original form, recognizing the author’s credits. It can be interesting for those who want to reserve their right to publish later also in a commercial form. 


o Since its publication, the work will be downloadable in pdf on our platform in the Gold open access mode, without any embargo.  
o The book metadata – title, abstract, presentation, table of contents - will be available on a specific sheet on and in the main open access archives.
o The author (researcher or institution) will immediately have the right to register the book file (in both pre and post print version) in the chosen repositories. 


o Tracking of the blind peer review process. 
o Additional services (e.g. editing, EPUB/MOBI formats, layout, printed copies).
o Integration with platform.
o Privileged positioning on search engines.
o For enquiries

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