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Supporting our authors

How to promote your book

Every year, In Italy, more than 50.000 books are published: 138 a day. This is the obstacle every book should overcome to engage the attention of its readers. Having a consolidated network of contacts with your community is a crucial advantage: it facilitates, helps and makes communication more effective. 

In addition to our help, we believe that our authors can contribute to promote their book in different communities. Please, read some suggestions below:

1) Ask your editor for the digital flyer  of your book and spread it as much as possible through your contacts (Please click here for a sample flyer).

2)  If you have a blog, a website or on your social media pages (e,g, Linkedin, Facebbok, aNobii, etc.) insert the link to our website redirecting to your book page. 

3) In the signature of your e-mails, please include the link to our website redirecting to your book page. 

4) If you are a university professor, or you have an institutional personal page, include the book in your bibliography (with the link to our form).

5) If you attend seminars, meetings, congresses, ask if you can include a printed copy of the flyer in the folder given to participants. You can also leave some copies on tables. 

6) If you have Outlook, you may link a word as follows: insert -> link -> text (your signature or other) ->website.

How we help authors to increase their visibility/impact
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