Translation is no longer regarded as merely a linguistic exercise, but rather as an action founded on ethical principles and framed within a specific ideological framework. The ethical issues connected to the position and relevance of translation in the newsroom have not been explored theoretically or practically. This monograph will thus investigate such issues through the lens of translations from English into Italian, drawing on both Translation Studies and Journalism Studies, where ethics and objectivity are once again prioritized.

cod. 1116.32

Maria Grazia Dongu, Luisanna Fodde


Intermixing Genres, Languages and Texts

The concept of intertextuality, born out of post-structuralist studies, has proven useful in defining the genesis of many works. Each text is always an intertext. As such, it reproduces, transforms, connects, or subverts other texts. The essays which are collected here describe intertextual exchanges which are constitutive of literary masterpieces, posters, and murals.

cod. 1116.31