Stefano Di Lauro, Aizhan Tursunbayeva, Gilda Antonelli, Marcello Martinez

Measuring organizational identity via LinkedIn: The role played by employees’ tenure, type of employment contract and age


Fascicolo: 2 / 2018

In the era of social media every single member of an organization has an equal opportunity to project their own perception of the organization externally via their personal social media accounts. However, the role of employees in organizational identity projection has been overlooked in academic research. The empirical case study presented in this paper addresses this gap by exploring how data from employees’ personal LinkedIn accounts can be used to measure how they manifest organizational identity, and the roles that their seniority of service, type of contract and age play in this. The selected Case Company is located in Italy. Descriptive statistics and linear regression were used to analyse the data that was manually collected from employees’ public LinkedIn profiles. Although our findings demonstrate that none of the selected variables affected the organizational identity that employees projected on their LinkedIn accounts, the paper nonetheless proposes a unique framework for measuring employee’s perception of organizational identity via LinkedIn, thus providing a framework for further research. Finally, the findings of this study, as well as follow-up practices implemented in the Case Company, can be of value to Human Resources and Social Media practitioners who are considering whether to introduce or already implementing social media use practices in organizations. .

Aizhan Tursunbayeva

Human Resource Management Information Systems in Healthcare.

Processes of development, implementation and benefits realization in complex organizations

This analysis yielded a framework for describing the process through which social context shapes organizational information system innovations over time. This framework, and the taxonomy of expected and realized benefits from Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), contribute meaningfully to the development of theory in this area and can inform future HRIS research.

cod. 365.1175