The treatment of patients with borderline personality Organization

Author/s Otto Kernberg
Publishing Year 2014 Issue 2014/2 Language Italian
Pages 30 P. 61-90 File size 589 KB
DOI 10.3280/PSOB2014-002005
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In this paper the Author examines the difficulties of the treatment of patients with borderline personality organization (transference and countertransference characteristics, transference regression and transference psychosis), and he outlines a general psychotherapeutic strategy with them. In particular, the Author outlines how splitting and other related mechanisms (primitive idealization, projective identification, denial, omnipotence), all of which are chacteristic of borderline patients, appear from a clinical point of view, and he suggests overall psychotherapeutic approaches in dealing with them.

Keywords: Borderline Personality Organization; Transfert; Controtransfert; Psychotherapy

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Otto Kernberg, Il trattamento dei pazienti con organizzazione borderline di personalità in "PSICOBIETTIVO" 2/2014, pp 61-90, DOI: 10.3280/PSOB2014-002005