Economia della pirateria filmica: una ricerca esplorativa

Author/s Anna Maria Bagnasco
Publishing Year 2013 Issue 2012/3 Language Italian
Pages 16 P. 433-448 File size 491 KB
DOI 10.3280/ED2012-003006
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In the paper we examine both consumers’ perceptions and motivations to pirate movies by different means with the aim to identify different pirates’ profiles: our assumption is that movie pirates are heterogeneous among their motivations and attitudes to use piracy and their willingness to pay for the original compared to the copy. The research considers three types of movie piracy: the physical piracy, the digital piracy and the "secondary" phenomenon of borrowing physical or digital pirated movie. On the basis of the three types of piracy, we identify different types of pirates as influenced by demographics and factors such as attitudes mainly towards general acceptance, convenience, ethics, availability of contents and involvement in piracy. This result allows us to investigate demand segments and piracy behaviour and can suggest areas where policies and practices to fight against piracy could be strengthened to develop better strategies for protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights.

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Anna Maria Bagnasco, Economia della pirateria filmica: una ricerca esplorativa in "ECONOMIA E DIRITTO DEL TERZIARIO " 3/2012, pp 433-448, DOI: 10.3280/ED2012-003006