Prototypizing and archeotypizing ownership: A pilot study

Author/s Edoardo Fittipaldi
Publishing Year 2019 Issue 2019/2
Language Italian Pages 20 P. 43-62 File size 232 KB
DOI 10.3280/SD2019-002002
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The author’s point of departure is Alf Ross’s analysis of ownership as a tool of presentation for a set of disjunctive conditioning facts and conjunctive legal consequences. The author first analyses Ross’s conjunctive component, and shows that, if one adopts the perspective of Polish-Russian legal realism, it can be provided with a full-blown meaning. Then, the disjunctive component is discussed. By drawing inspiration from prototype theory, the author argues that a specific set of disjunctive conditioning facts and of conjunctive legal consequences can be regarded as making up the core - albeit in a gradual way - of ownership phenomena, provided that one restricts them to movables. Finally, the author presents two Freudian hypotheses that can explain the emergence of the prototype of ownership. This explanation is based on the way babies conceive of their bodily parts and feces. Based on that, an archeotype (i.e., archaic conception) of ownership is proposed.

Keywords: Ownership - Tû-tû - Prototype theory - Polish-Russian legal realism - Psychoanalysis

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Edoardo Fittipaldi, Prototypizing and archeotypizing ownership: A pilot study in "SOCIOLOGIA DEL DIRITTO " 2/2019, pp 43-62, DOI: 10.3280/SD2019-002002