Opportunities and risks in using big data to support management control systems: A multiple case study

Author/s Francesco Badia, Fabio Donato
Publishing Year 2022 Issue 2022/3
Language English Pages 25 P. 39-63 File size 402 KB
DOI 10.3280/MACO2022-003003
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The growing importance of big data in the current business context is a recognized phenomenon in managerial studies. Many such studies have been focused on possible changes from the use of big data analytics in business, and with reference to management control systems. However, the number and extent of studies attempting to analyze the opportunities and risks of using big data analytics in control systems from an empirical perspective appear rather limited. This work conducts case studies analyzing three companies that have used big data in their decision-making processes within management control systems. The empirical analysis shows how proper management of big data can represent a fundamental opportunity for the development of managerial control systems, with some possibilities not yet fully explored even by those who have already introduced big data analytics in these systems. Big data quality and privacy protection appear to be the profiles presenting the greatest opportunities for future study. Furthermore, new challenges seem to emerge for accountants and controllers, who now are called to a new approach regarding how they should interpret their professional roles.

Keywords: Big data analytics, Decision-making, Planning and control, Datafication, Business intelligence, Digitization

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Francesco Badia, Fabio Donato, Opportunities and risks in using big data to support management control systems: A multiple case study in "MANAGEMENT CONTROL" 3/2022, pp 39-63, DOI: 10.3280/MACO2022-003003