Against the intellectual imperialism of the urban

Journal title TERRITORIO
Author/s Antonio Di Campli
Publishing Year 2024 Issue 2023/104
Language Italian Pages 7 P. 76-82 File size 132 KB
DOI 10.3280/TR2023-104009
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The notion of the ‘urban’ and its neighboring notion of the ‘city’ have long since taken on the function of a tray for a set of assumptions, hypotheses and operational strategies on a variety of environments and lifestyles. Ecological crises, infrastructure or housing policies almost always tend to be addressed as urban issues. Likewise, issues of spatial justice are almost always interpreted as inherent to the ‘right to the city’. It is time to recognise to the notion of rurality the same complexity and density that the concept of the urban expresses today, questioning the points of view from which the rural is now thought and produced, exposing the brutality and, at the same time, the weakness of the urban.

Keywords: rurality; power; engendering

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Antonio Di Campli, Contro l’imperialismo intellettuale dell’urbano in "TERRITORIO" 104/2023, pp 76-82, DOI: 10.3280/TR2023-104009