Carlo Vezzoli, Giovanni Maria Conti

Designing Sustainable Clothing Systems

The design for environmentally sustainable textile clothes and its Product-Service Systems

The Fashion System is one of the most polluting and most impactful industries on the environment. In the last decade the fashion industry has changed its approach, aware of the fact that the attention to the environment can no longer be considered a trend. This path shows the need to intervene in design terms and that the growth in responsibility and role of design, requiring reference scenarios, knowledge and new tools. The book defines the features and scenarios of sustainable development, as well as the evolution of sustainability in research and practice of fashion design, addressing the strategies for the design and development of environmentally sustainable products.

cod. 10319.13

Martina Motta

Designing Knit Designers

Traditionally associated with craftmanship and manual work, knitwear seems a quite unusual subject of investigation for scientific research. This book places it as an integrative part of the industrial design culture where the dialogue between a productive system of excellence and the design discipline taught in universities becomes a topic of central concern. The present book reports an experimentation conducted in the unique conditions of the Italian industrial design culture, that defined tools and methods to train knit designers not as artists, but with the technical and cultural knowledge and the project-oriented mindset that is typical of industrial design disciplines.

cod. 10319.3

Lucia Rampino, Ilaria Mariani

Advancements in Design Research.

11 PhD theses on Design as we do in POLIMI

The book is part of a series that, since 2017, documents the production of the Politecnico di Milano Design Programme, presenting a summary of the doctoral theses defended each year.

cod. 10319.2