Arguing with Bourdieu: A South African Encounter

Autori/Curatori: Karl von Holdt
Anno di pubblicazione: 2021 Fascicolo: 126 Lingua: Italiano
Numero pagine: 12 P. 122-133 Dimensione file: 164 KB
DOI: 10.3280/SR2021-126010
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This paper holds together biographical materials, field analysis, position-taking preferences, and Bourdieu’s influence. A late adopter of the bourdieusian toolbox, the author explains his attempt to confront South African reality with Bourdieu’s thought rather than the other way around, also trying to establish the unconscious determinants behind apparently intentional choices. The author considers self-analysis as a conduit to self-awareness, particularly important insofar as unrecognized, tacit dispositions may actually guide scholars’ epistemological decisions more than they would like to admit.

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Karl von Holdt, Arguing with Bourdieu: A South African Encounter in "SOCIOLOGIA E RICERCA SOCIALE " 126/2021, pp 122-133, DOI: 10.3280/SR2021-126010