Tempus Demed project and operational solutions for online distance education

Titolo Rivista CADMO
Autori/Curatori Antonella Poce, Francesca Corradi
Anno di pubblicazione 2012 Fascicolo 2011/2 Lingua Inglese
Numero pagine 17 P. 21-37 Dimensione file 231 KB
DOI 10.3280/CAD2011-002003
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Lps-Diped - Università Roma Tre chaired the Tempus Demed - Development of Master Study Programmes in Education (2009-2011) - project. The project’s main objective was the renovation of the Masters courses in Education in certain Balkan countries (Macedonia, Albania e Kosovo). The basic intention involved the adaptation of the higher education provided in the cultural reference area to the principles established within the European context. In particular, during the Dublin Conference in 2004, the so-called Bologna follow up group drew a number of indicators. As already mentioned, at different times, EU policy has highlighted the need to carry out actions aimed at a renovation of higher education cycles, but not much was provided in terms of definition of the curricula, especially for the second cycle of studies. The Demed project also attempted to fill a gap in this regard, operating an indepth revision of this level of studies in the Education sector in Albania, Kosovo e Macedonia. This intervention, moreover, was always carried out working in close cooperation with the partner countries, so that the support provided by Lps Diped, as leader, by Cdell - Centre for Developing and Evaluating Lifelong Learning - University of Nottingham (UK) and by DPU - Arhus University (DK) was realized with an actual collaboration programme, and never resulting as an imposition of certain Western models. The present contribution, therefore, is intended to give a general overview regarding the Tempus funding programme, a description of the Demed project itself, a synthetic report of the online seminar broadcasted to Seeu staff during the project period and of the data collected while evaluating the same experience.

Keywords:Tempus programme, higher education, staff training, e-learning, evaluation

Antonella Poce, Francesca Corradi, Tempus Demed project and operational solutions for online distance education in "CADMO" 2/2011, pp 21-37, DOI: 10.3280/CAD2011-002003