The sexual health promotion in the ageing: possible areas of intervention

Author/s Elisabetta Todaro, Roberta Rossi
Publishing Year 2018 Issue 2018/1 Language Italian
Pages 22 P. 47-68 File size 242 KB
DOI 10.3280/RSC2018-001003
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Research on "sexuality and ageing" shows to be much less developed, if compared to scientific literature in other areas and despite the improvement of quality of life. This gap can explained by several reasons, such as: methodological strategies used; type of tools selected; application of a genital-centered model in describ-ing sexual functioning and lack of knowledge of specific motivations of the elderly for sexuality. Further dimensions scarcely investigated in the field of promoting the sexual health of older people are those related to gender differences and sexual orientations. A significant role in this theme is played by stereotypes, in the common sense as well as in scientific research. The aim of the present work, is to orientate sexual health experts in defining effective intervention; clinical and qualita-tive research is presented, as useful areas for the promotion of sexual health in senile age.

Keywords: Sexual health, ageing, gender, sexual orientation, biopsychosocial, improvement, promotion

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Elisabetta Todaro, Roberta Rossi, La promozione della salute sessuale nell’invecchiamento: possibili aree di intervento in "RIVISTA DI SESSUOLOGIA CLINICA" 1/2018, pp 47-68, DOI: 10.3280/RSC2018-001003